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R&D Team

Hermes views Research and Development as a vital component of business strategy that will provide us with a competitive advantage. We recognize that ‘innovation is the key to successes and have been consistently investing in R&D over the last decade.

Our Development team consisting of a manager with 25 years of experience in R & D along with experienced chemists & operators. Our R & D is having expertis in Grignard reacn., Freidl craft , Pressure redn., Nitrations, Alkylation, Beckmann rearrangement, Acylation, Aromatisation, Diazotisation & coupling reacn.,Wittig reacn., condensation, bromination, halogination( except fluorination), Reductions using sodium borohydride, Reductive alkylation, cyanation ( using CuCN), High vaccum distilations Many of the experiments developed by our R&D are first of their kind and now hold leading positions in the minds of client.

The research centre primarily focuses on development of new processes with an objective to produce high quality products. We have been taking continuous initiatives towards technology absorption, adaptation and innovation at Hermes, resulting in the upgrade of all equipment to encompass latest technological developments in the field of research.

Our team is provided with an environment that nurtures excellence and innovation which is most essential to develop complex and challenging first-time combination products.

R&D Team
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